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Welcome to SO-Audio - The High Resolution 5.1 Specialists


SO-Audio has been established to offer precision Authoring and Audio Mastering in 5.1 and Stereo for High Resolution Audio/Visual DVD and Blu-ray products.

SO-Audio brings together the incredible expertise of Opus Productions and Super Audio Mastering. We have been working with High Resolution formats providing you with the very best quality available in 5.1 and Stereo Digital Audio for over 10 years.

Both companies have worked extensively on various commercial and critically acclaimed high-res music DVD projects over the last few years offering a competitive, creative and involving process to get your music heard in incredible quality in 5.1 and Stereo. SO Audio hopes to push those formats to a wider audience increasing awareness and demand by getting more titles out there.

Now, we are proud to offer the new technology of the Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc which includes the simplicity of a CD combined with studio grade audio quality (up to 192kHz/24bit). Pure Audio titles are faster to produce than high resolution audio on a DVD. They provide complete compatibility with all existing Blu-ray players as well as a multitude of available enhancements such as HD video, extended playing time and extensive networking options.

Our services include:

- Full Blu-ray authoring, including asset preparation and encoding, all the way to replication.
- Full DVD-A authoring, including asset preparation and encoding, all the way to replication.
- Encoding of Audio and Video to Blu-ray or DVD standards.
- Mixing in stereo and/or surround.
- Mastering in stereo and/or surround.
- Management of entire projects from whatever stage of development.
- Video standards conversion where required.

For a quote or to find out more please feel free to email us at or telephone +44(0) 1647 432 858 or +44(0) 208 743 3910