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About Us


Neil Wilkes and Simon Heyworth (the guys behind SO-Audio) have been working in the music industry extensively for the past 40 years. They have pushed the boundaries and have been at the forefront of High Resolution Audio in all its forms from their beginnings.

From his early twenties Simon established his reputation in recording at Virgin’s Manor Studios, most notably as co-producer of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. He gained years of experience working as a Mastering Engineer in London, before establishing his own revolutionary Mastering studio in Devon during the summer of 2002.

Neil began as a live sound engineer in the early 80's, touring extensively until late 1999 when Opus Productions was formed. Rapidly establishing an international client portfolio and a reputation for high quality work, he has worked on many commercially and critically acclaimed projects and specialises in High Resolution Audio and Surround Sound in particular.

Together and individually Simon and Neil have worked on many projects in the world of High Resolution Audio. They are now focussing their experience and expertise on providing specialist High Resolution Audio in 5.1 and Stereo and varied formats to suit the new demand for High Res Audio. They have Mastered/Authored previous projects such as the King Crimson back catalogue, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Remastering/Mastering for DVD-A, Porcupine Tree Authoring for DVD-A, Depeche Mode Remastering/Mastering for DVD-A, Quadrophenia Authoring for DVD-A, Erasure Remastering for CD/DVD-V and many more.